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The Laurier Fire Department was established to provide protection and respond to emergency calls including house fires, bush fires, and auto extrications in the township.  They are also ready to assist other communities when requested.  Public education and fire inspections are available for the residents of Laurier since fire prevention is a big part of the department’s mandate.

The Fire Department is made up of volunteers who train on Monday evenings from 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm throughout the year.  Because most of the volunteers have full time jobs, the response to a call will depend on whoever is available at the time.  For this reason, it is important that the local department have as many volunteers as possible.  New recruits are always welcome.

Funding for the Laurier Fire Department comes from two sources.  The Ontario Fire Marshalls Office provides equipment such as bunker gear.  Also, a portion of the Local Services Board taxes supports the department. Currently about 48% of our taxes is involved in fire protection.


The Diverse nature of emergencies in a rural setting requires more equipment compared to a city department. Since there are no fire hydrants, the crews must carry water to the scene.  They then use a portable tank with fold up steel cradles to store water that the pumper uses at the scene while a tanker goes to nearby lakes, ponds streams or rivers to fill up and return to replenish the water pool at the scene.

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