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Laurier is an unorganized geographical township in the Parry Sound District about 50 kilometers south of North Bay. It is situated between Trout Creek and South River.  It is bound by the Municipality of Powassan to the north, the Township of Machar and the Village of South River to the west, the Ballantyne geographical township to the east and the Township of Joly to the south.  Like many other communities in the area, there is a blend of permanent and seasonal residents in Laurier.

As of 2021 the population was made up of 179 permanent residents which increases significantly when the seasonal residents return.

The land area is about 45,000 acres or 183 square kilometers.  Much of this area is made up of crown land.  Because of the small number of residents, the population density is only about 1.0 per square mile.

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