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Public Health Ontario provides bacteriological analysis of drinking water for single household residents of Laurier at no charge.  The test provides information on any evidence of "Total Coliforms and E-coli" contamination in the drinking water.

Kits for sampling are available from and returned to:

North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit

345 Oak St. W, North Bay, ON

Phone: 705-474-1400

In order for the laboratory to test the sample it must be:

  1. Drinking water

  2. From a single household

  3. Submitted with a completed form

  4. Collected in bottle supplied with the kit

  5. Cold (i.e. <25 C)

  6. Aesthetically acceptable - no smell, free of debris, clear, colorless

  7. Received without damage to the lid

  8. Received at the lab within 48 hours of collection

  9. Filled to the fill-line on bottle

  10. Taken from a location in Ontario

For more information: (read)

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