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Small campfires are permitted without a Fire Permit unless a Fire Restriction Zone is in effect

Incinerator use (i.e. Fire Barrel or an enclosed incinerator) is permitted without Fire Permit unless Fire Zone in in effect

No burning of household garbage or construction material is allowed at any time. Burning fines and Ministry of the Environment fines are in effect

Fire Permits are required for any type of brush or yard waste burning.  Fire must be 4ft x 4ft and a height of 3 ft with precautionary measures as set out by the Laurier Fire Department upon receipt of Fire Permit from an approved Fire Department Team member

Fire Permits are $25.00 for 7 days

Fire Permits are void if:

Landowner or tenant does not follow Fire Department Precautionary Measures as set out by the Laurier Fire Department upon an inspection by Fire Department

  • Any criminal or negligent burning

  • If Fire Restriction Zone develops during Fire Permit Burning time

  • Any fraudulent Permit application

Fire Permits can be obtained:

  • From fire department Mondays and Fridays from 9:00am till 12:00pm

  • Via website using Contact Us in which case an approved Fire Team Member will come out to the residence to supply a Permit upon request

  • Residents and cottagers can call the Laurier Fire Department (705-386-0800) at anytime and leave a message to arrange an authorized Fire Team member to bring a Fire Permit out to residence on weekend dates

Thank You for Your continued efforts in Protecting our Community from fire related incidents

Have a safe and fun summer during this unprecedented time in our lives

Tim Hollands, Laurier Fire Chief

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