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Next Meeting: To be announced


Most Recent Accepted Reports:

  1.  Board Meeting Minutes - June 7, 2023 (read)

  2.  Secretary-Treasurer's Report - July 19, 2023 (read)

  3.  Laurier Budget for 2021-2022 (read)

  4.  2019-2020 Financial Statements (read)


Support Staff

Laurier Fire Department is looking for support staff. Retired truck drivers or people who want to help but don't feel they can do the emergency work, there are other jobs that you can assist with: traffic control, getting equipment for front line firefighters, medical rehab for firefighters plus other positions. Contact Fire Tom Hollands for details 705-386-0800

Dispatchers Wanted

The Laurier Fire Department is looking for two volunteers for radio communications.

Duties include radio dispatch between fire scenes and fire hall and record keeping

No fire suppression or auto extrication duties expected

Contact Laurier Fire Department at 705-386-0800

Vehicle Donations

The Laurier Fire Department is looking for cars for donation for auto extrication training.  For more information contact the Fire Chief through the CONTACT US page on this website.


North Bay Parry Sound Health Unit: Covid-19 (link)


  1. Who are our elected officials and where do Laurier residents vote? (read)

  2. Where can I obtain a building permit in Laurier (read)

  3. Looking for information covering the rules for property such as property subdivision (read)

If you have a question about Laurier, let us know by contacting us using the CONTACT US website page.


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Last Update: May 10, 2024

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